Develop Your Eye Cosmetics With Us

May 19, 2021

Develop Your Eye Cosmetics With Us image

Albea Indonesia has developed a series of packages to complement your product journey. We have 2 excellent eyeliner packaging products ER-001 and ER-002 which are small, light, and the best-selling applicator on the market. This eyeliner package is perfect for brands that want to develop travel series cosmetics.

In addition, Albea Indonesia also has an eyeshadow palette with several choices of filling. CM-368 with 3 entries for brands that launch simple products for beginners and traveling series. while the CM-1040 is perfect for eyeshadow products for more experienced customers, MUAs, and followers of eye makeup trends.

Don't hesitate to discuss with us your beauty product packaging. Because Albea Indonesia as part of Albea Packaging International will continue to be committed to providing solutions to your cosmetic packaging needs.

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