New Trend in Mask

March 17, 2021

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Wearing a mask has become a new normal lifestyle. Masks provide protection against exposure to viruses to the respiratory apparatus. However, the use of masks has side effects on some people's skin. The use of a mask every day causes acne in the area in contact with the mask. People have started looking for skincare that can help prevent and get rid of acne.

Quoted from the Year in Search 2020 launched by Google, during 2020 the increase in keywords related to acne experienced a significant increase. Retinol as a raw material for anti-acne skincare has increased by up to 240% on google search, while niacinamide has increased by up to 135%. This proves that as long as the use of masks continues to be a lifestyle, the need for anti-acne skincare will also increase. This potential can be a new business idea for skincare companies with how they develop the best anti-acne formula that is in demand by the public.

Albea Indonesia, as a cosmetic packaging provider, has also launched the PETG series that can be used as skincare packaging. The PETG series from Albea Indonesia consists of Meitan Serum Bottles, Venus Spray Bottles, and BS Bottles. With the basic material of PETG, this packaging can be used for various products safely and comfortably for your customers.

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