Albea Indonesia PETG Series

March 10, 2021

Albea Indonesia PETG Series image

Albea Indonesia as a leading packaging company has made an innovation again by launching PETG-based packaging. The launch of the product series was carried out online which was attended by around 50 invited guests from various brands of cosmetics, skincare, and fillers on March 3, 2021.

Products included in the PETG series are 100 ml and 60 ml Venus Spray Mist Bottles, 100 ml BS Pump Bottles, and 30 ml and 20 ml Serum Meitan Bottles. Products made from PETG have the advantage of being lighter, not easy to break, anti-resistant, and easy to decorate according to brand needs.

Switch to using PETG bottles made from Albea Indonesia for the perfection of your brand appearance.

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