Face Mist All in One Care Solution

December 4, 2020

Face Mist All in One Care Solution image

In the past 12 months, the search for the face mist keyword has shown quite a steady stream of results. Even in Indonesia, the google trend graph for keyword face mist in the past 3 months has shown a sharp increase and tends to continue to rise. This shows a growing market potential for these products.

Why face mist? It turns out that this type of facial treatment is quite easy to use and simple. Besides that, it can be used at any time, including when you have made up. Face mist is an all-in-one treatment solution because it helps keep skin moisturized, prevents irritation, and helps to adhere to makeup properly to the face.

Albea Indonesia has redeveloped a product that can be used as a face mist packaging, namely Venus Fine Mist. Made of PETG material, this packaging is durable and clear. With a spray angle of up to 60 degrees and the latest dispensing technology, this product is clog-resistant. We are ready to be the best solution for your product packaging.

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