Beauty Industry VS Plastic Waste

December 16, 2020

Beauty Industry VS Plastic Waste image

Beauty products are related to plastic waste generated by their packaging. How did this happen? Initially, most personal care products were wrapped in elaborate glass packaging. Along with the development of industry and technology, plastic has become an alternative material for beauty and care product packaging.

It is like two opposing coins. Consumers can use products with packaging that is simpler, lighter, and easier to use. On the other hand, environmental issues regarding plastic waste from beauty packaging have also increased.

Albea Indonesia as a world-renowned beauty packaging manufacturer is also concerned about this issue. We continue to research every product development we launch. In the last year period, we have developed tube packaging, as well as bottles that can be recycled. And at the end of this year, we will launch a compact product made from environmentally friendly materials. Slowly but surely, that is our commitment to the sustainability program that we are developing. Join us for a more beautiful world.

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