Greenleaf Tubes

October 15, 2019

Greenleaf Tubes image

Albea is proud to annouced thats its second-generation Greenleaf tube has passed succesfully the two tests set by the US-based Association of Plastic Recylers (APR) to aseess recyling-redliness. 

The APR test ensure that packaging such as the Greenleaf tube are compatible with HDPE bottles recycling streams and are thus ready to join an existing, efficient recyling process. 

Greenleaf tubes are patented all-plastic laminate tubes for oral care as well as personal care and OTC pharma brands, Greenleaf tubes can be manufactured by Albea Indonesia. 

Greenleaft offers a lower environmental impact that standard alumunium-based structures. Its lighter barier web ensures optimal formula protection for all applications. The mechanicals properties of its trsong structure and coming up soon PE cap could even with stand the removal of secondary packaging. 

Greenleaf is aimed at the existing All-Plastic Laminate Tube Market and represents a more environmentally suistainable solution for tube packaging. 

Greenleaf - Optimized process, Reduced sleeve thickness, high formula protection and Suistainable with lower environmental Impact. 

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