2020: Exceptional Challenges and An Unchanged Ambition



"2020 has changed life for all of us, both in terms of our plans and our habits, and the health crisis has quickly become our number one battle. For Albéa, the challenge was unprecedented and I am proud of the adaptability shown by all the women and men of the Group. We quickly developed and deployed effective protocols around the world to protect our teams, support our business and actively participate in the global effort. We were thus able to ensure production continuity across all our sites. Our teams have fought many battles at once: economic, sanitary, commercial, operational, and, of course, personal. I am particularly satisfied with the ties we have strengthened with our customers, suppliers, and communities. Paradoxically, even without traveling, I think we have become closer than ever before.

Throughout this difficult year, we further strengthened our CSR ambition. Sustainable development is more than ever an absolute necessity and I am convinced that we will be able to mobilize the same determination and efficiency that we showcased during the health crisis. How can we leverage this extraordinary ability to move forward together and reinvent the future of packaging? How can we make Albéa an even more responsible company and a major player in the transformation of its industry?

First of all, we kept the direction, by not compromising on our goals while adapting to the context. In 2020, we reorganized our business. We maintained our investments in sustainable development and R&D. We also strengthened our governance to deliver on our commitments.

All over the world, regulations are tightening, our customers are becoming more active, and ambitious initiatives are emerging. In this phase of experimentation, of creative and enthusiastic effervescence, our role is to protect the beauty industry by sharing our expertise with our stakeholders, thereby contributing to raising the collective environmental and social performance.

Tomorrow cannot be like yesterday. We must lay the foundations of a circular and local economy. This is a real structural challenge: developing short distribution circuits, reinforcing the traceability of our products, inventing new uses, and learning to live differently. Each of us must become an agent of change. This year has highlighted the incredible human capacity to mobilize and reinvent who we are. I am full of hope and I trust that through these pages you will see how all our employees are helping to make Albéa a responsible company, and thus preserve our wonderful world and its bright future. "

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President & CEO